Avoiding neckring seams

At Penico we understand that the neckring is one of the most important parts of a glass container. We want manufacturers to be able to make jars, bottles and other containers with confidence. To achieve this, we offer a full range of neckring profile gauges. With them the client can measure the neckrings to ensure they are the right size.

A seam

One issue that some producers can encounter with their glass containers is a seam or fin. This is an unwanted line of glass. They can happen across the top or side of the finish. Their presence can mean it is not possible to screw a top on to the container. As a result it will mean the container is defective and cannot be used. The only option will be to recycle the glass and start again.

Check the mould equipment

A number of issues can cause the seam on the neckring. However, many of them are due to problems with the mould equipment. For example, it may be that the blank mould recess is too large. The thing to do here is to use a gauge to measure the size of the blank. If it is too big, you need new moulds.

A second reason for the issue is that the diameter of the neck ring is too small. What happens here is the excess material creates the raised seam. Again you should use a gauge to check the mould. This time you will need access to suitable neckring profile gauges. They should provide an accurate reading so you can make sure your moulds are the right size.

Several other issues can occur because of problems with the mould equipment. For example there may be dirt in the neck ring, finish guide ring, or finish thimble. Or the blank may be too small, making it so that the plunger can't fit in. In all of these cases you need to have a look at your equipment.

Ask us about neckring profile gauges

Penico is a business with a reputation that extends around the world. We are the best gauge manufacturer in our industry, offering first rate products for clients in dozens of countries. On top of that, we have a number of agents around the world that we chose to stock our products.

So, whether you produce a huge number of glass containers or are a niche manufacturer, our products can work for you. We offer stock sizes as well as bespoke ones. More importantly, we calibrate the gauges in house so the readings will be accurate.

You can contact us directly if you have any questions about our products; we would be happy to advise you.