Are you doing mould reaming right?

Reamers are tools used for all sorts of mechanical operations. Normally, we would use them to produce holes inside a mould. In addition, they help to smooth out and debur imperfections and edges on items. As for the mould reamer, it is specifically designed to comprehensively repair moulds.

When someone machines a hole precisely to size, the top choice for a machinist is typically reaming. Usually, you can't use it to straighten holes. All you are free to do is get rid of a set quantity of stock. However, reaming can actually prove to be an incredibly accurate procedure when you do it properly.


In order to carry out reaming correctly though, you will require decent preparation. Essential elements include leaving the precise amount of stock following drilling and understanding when to ream twice. It is also preferable to use a multifunctional device or another utensil full stop.

Last but not least, you must specify the most suitable reamer for the task. In numerous instances, you will discover that a bespoke tool is the best for the job. This is because it will fit and perform better than a stock model.

Preparing for the hole

Whilst reaming, preparing for the hole is the most important thing to do. The reason for this is that it extends a drilled hole to size. It does so by disposing of the compact quantity of stock and does not correct a hole. What the reamer does is follow the hole. Yet, it does aid with enhancing straightness slightly. This is if the utensil comes with front-cutting abilities.


Whilst specifying reamers, size is the most important feature end users must think about. This is unless they are reaming a hole that is uncommonly deep. These typically need additional tool length. Again you will require something special instead of a stock size.

Talk to us to order a mould reamer

At Penico Gauges, we provide the reamers in a myriad of sizes. Moreover, our team can create special models if our regular ones are not suitable. With our tools, your mould maintenance will proceed smoothly.

Contact us today if you require more information about a mould reamer. We are happy to share our knowledge and will help clients choose the perfect tool for them.