Are you aware of the importance of mould cooling?

We have spent much of our time designing and manufacturing the best possible blank mould gauges. As a result the Penico brand now has an impressive reputation. However, this does not stop us from wanting to improve. Clients in over 40 countries depend on us but we want to expand this even more. Therefore, we must continue to better ourselves to satisfy their needs and attract new customers.

Cooling is essential

The majority of mould makers and moulders are aware of the advantages of having as much heat removal machinery in a mould cavity or core as possible. However, there is a lot of material about cooling down mould cavities. This can make it tricky to determine what to do.

Merely drilling a hole in the core's lower area for a closure and introducing a bubbler or buffer leads to uneven heat. As a result the core won't cool effectively. In addition, there is going to be a longer cooling time that is expensive and wasteful.

Instead, you have to lower this heat within the core to a suitable temperature. You will need to do this before you can safely eject the part.

New technology

New computer simulations give moulders more information about what is taking place during the moulding cycle's cooling procedure. As a result they can ensure they get it perfect and produce high quality parts.

One of the biggest benefits of better mould cooling is a lower production time. If a product can cool quickly in the mould, the maker can remove it faster. The equipment can then be used again. The end result is an increase in production speed and a higher capacity overall. Quicker cooling also means lower costs per item because the machining time is lower.

Ordering blank mould gauges

At Penico Gauges, we understand that moulds are now being used by people worldwide. They are perfect for creating an array of containers, including glass bottles and jars. However, it is important to keep mould maintenance in mind. This is where we come in, offering useful tools that help with this.

If you require our blank mould gauges for your own projects, please let us know. We can offer products that last and provide accurate readings.