Approaching texture issues

A mould reamer is a tool that many businesses rely on during the mould repair process. It allows the user to repair any faults they find in a comprehensive manner. Usually, this would require a complex and costly machining project. With a reamer however, there is far less hassle and the whole thing can be a cheap bench job.

Issues with the surface texture

With moulds, a user may need to generate parts right away. However, the trouble is that the mould may have damage on the interior surface. In a moulding facility, this could be a daily issue. Pins or lifters can break and strike the tool surface. This causes texture wear to manifest or rust to appear. You should not use a mould that has these kinds of flaws because it will affect the products you cast.

Texture issues that pop up during a part's run are typically the result of a wear-related problem. This may happen because there is a worn tool that can't do its job anymore. Alternatively, the problem may have been developing over time. For you to approach these issues, you must understand the texture finish levels.

Level one

This is the primary texture pattern. It is the profile details we feel and see. These could be a geometric, wood grain, or leather grain pattern. They are the texture specifications on the tool or part prints. Normally, they range from 0.0005 inch deep to 0.012 inch deep but can be outside this range.

Level two

This is the micro texture. You apply it over the primary pattern. In addition, it is usually sandblasted in the last step. There are numerous forms of blast media, often blended to provide gloss results on your part. The micro textures here have depths ranging from 0.0001 inch deep to 0.0015 inch deep.

Choose a mould reamer can you rely on

At Penico Gauges, our reamers come in a myriad of stock sizes. On top of this we have special sizes available upon request. In other words, there is always a tool available for your specific project.

If you would like to shop for a mould reamer with us, please let us know. In addition, if you prefer, you can buy from one of our stockists around the world.