A two-phase forming process

If there is one vital tool you will need by your side for mould repair operations, it would be high quality neckring profile gauges. We are responsible for designing, manufacturing, and then distributing high calibre models to every client that needs one. They should be able to help you with all of your tasks.


With glass container forming mechanisms, you usually form the items in two phases. At the blank mould stage, you form a glob or charge of molten glass in a blank mould into a preform or parison. You place a neck ring close to the blank mould. As for the container neck finish, you form it against the neck ring so you get the final geometry and size.

Finally, you transfer the parison to a blow mould using the neck ring. Inside, you form the container body to its final geometry and size. Normally, the neck ring includes a pair of semi-circular bodies of steel or cast bronze.

Attachment features

Neck rings used for moulding a glass receptacle include one attachment feature at the very least. This can include two semi-annular neck ring halves. Both contain a metal insert that will be resistant to wear. The neck ring body will also be heat-conductive. This differs from the wear-resistant part because it is formed around the neck ring insert.

Each of the neck ring halves come with a glass-containing cavity face. This itself has a first surface portion created by the inserts. It is for the closure attachment feature that is on the neck finish. There is an additional surface portion created by the bodies too that is for moulding pieces of the neck finish. It excludes the closure attachment feature.

The easy way to buy neckring profile gauges

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