A look into the world of stretch marks on glass containers

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A glass bottle's body can include a plethora of distinct characteristics or flaws that you can examine and categorise. You can find a considerable number of these imperfections in machine-made and mouth-blown bottles. The following is a description of one of the more customary defects, that of stretch markings.

Common names for flaws

Bottle glass can possess differing twists, ripples, or lines. They usually originate from deformities discovered in the glassblowing procedure. These include glass temperature differentials, blowpipe twisting, and other reasons. In the glass production industry, they called these inconsistencies laplines, washboards, or cords. However, they refer more to the ripples found in a bottle's body. We use the term stretch marks when speaking about the marks located on the exterior of the bottlenecks.

Neck troubles

With mouth-blown products, stretch marks appear frequently in the bottle neck. They affect the shoulder at times as well. Myriads of irregular or wavy disfigurements are rather conventional in the bodies of mouth-blown bottles. Nonetheless, they don't normally reveal the surface striations that one finds in the neck. The stretch marks show up the most on bottles that have true applied finishes.

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