A broad classification for glass containers

Anyone who is a part of the glass container industry knows that it is vital to have the right mould profile. This is because if you leave one fault behind, your containers will be incorrect. So, what you will require here is our neckring profile gauges. These shall aid you in measuring one of the vital areas of your mould.


There is no exact definition for glass containers. However, there is a broad classification for them. It is that those that possess wide necks are jars. Ones with narrower necks are what we call bottles. However, as with different industries, the glass container industry has developed several terms suitable for its own products and processes only. It is also wise to keep these in mind.


It is possible for a bottle to take on a myriad of shapes. However, the hallmark is always a narrow neck that is smaller than the main body. This eases pouring and allows you to attach appropriate closures. Liquid foods and beverages, including oil, vinegar and salad dressing, are packaged in bottles.


A jar is a wide mouth receptacle with a fitting enclosure. They provide easy access to the product and can also allow a very tight seal. People favour them for cosmetics and foods.


These are containers with very wide mouths. They resemble drinking glasses. You can use them for packaging spreads, preservatives, and jellies.


As for the smallest containers you can find today, these include the vials and ampoules found in the pharmaceutical industry. The latter is a single-dose receptacle that holds powder injection and liquid medicines. As for vials, they can be multi as well as single-dose.

At Penico Gauges, we supply neckring profile gauges for measuring the mould's dovetail. We have designed the actual gauge so that you won't have a hard time reading it. There's a go and no go profile. When the go profile passes over the dovetail profile, the dovetail is correct.

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