Penico Gauges Ltd is the market leader in the design & manufacture of Mould Gauge Equipment. Penico Mould Gauges and Reamers are designed specifically for the inspection of I.S. Mould Equipment during is manufacture & throughout the Mould repair process

The Gauges & Reamers supplied by Penico provide the basis for correct interlocking fits that guarantee Mould interchangeability, an important requirement for improving the efficiency of I.S.Machines & prolonging Mould life.

With Moulds now being purchased world wide for container manufacturers it is essential that correct manufacturing & inspection procedures be followed. Insist on the best Gauges, insist your suppliers use Penico Gauges.




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Penico Gauges has exported to over 50 countries. Deliveries can be arranged to most parts of the world. Most deliveries are despatched via the major...
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Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia & Croatia, Iberian Penisula, Egypt
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